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For customers who would prefer a more in-depth and personalized TCM health treatment, Qian Jin has a panel of experienced, registered and certified Chinese physicians and acupuncturists that you may like to consult with.
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TCM Internal . Orthopaedic & Sports Injury . Cupping . Tui Na (Acupressure) . Acupuncture including treatment for Slimming, Facial Rejuvenation, Insomnia, Pain, PMS, fertility, Stroke and Injury . Paediatric Massage; Men, Women and Child related health issues.
Medicines are provided in the form of capsules, powder or herbal mixture. Herbal mixture is popular among the elderly and young children whom may have difficulty swallowing or digesting and herbal mixture gives an immediate and effective absorption into the body. Using Qian Jin products, patients are ensured that the medicines received are concocted purely from natural herbs, with no secondary excipients added to take into the shape of other dosage forms.  
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TCM Internal:

In TCM concept: Look, Listen, Smell, Ask and Pulsing  ("望闻问切")methods are used by our physicians for an indication of the possibly ailments that a patient is experiencing. Medicine, commonly in the form of concentrated (liquid) herbal mixture will be prescribed. Liquid herbal mixture is our preferred choice because it has an immediate absorption into our body.
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Combined with the prescribed chinese medicine, our physicians may combine the treatment with Acupuncture to further faciliate the flow “Qi” or energy. In TCM concept, Qi circulates throughout our body in the body path called “Meridians”, and it is through the stagnant of “Qi” in our body that causes pain or symptoms. To restore the balance and to treat the symptoms, needles are inserted into the acupoints of the Meridians, and to promote healing.
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Cupping is a treatment that uses special cups to apply suctions to affected areas, so as to dispel toxins and to improve blood circulation within it. It is recommended for treatment like weight-loss, ache or even cough. Cupping is also used to relieve body tension and improves well-being. Based on the condition of the body, our physcian is to able advise accordingly on the type of treatment required.
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Tui Na Massage:

A form of TCM, Tui Na Massage targets into the energy channel of the body, addresses the disharmony and helps in the flow of qi throughout the body. By applying pressure to the specific meridian points, Tui Na helps to remove blockage and works deeply to enhance healing process. By enhancing the flow of qi and enabling stagnant blood to flow, it is beneficial to stress-related symptoms and chronic pain assocated with muscles, joints or skeletal system, and works well for stiff shoulder, neck, back or joint disorders.
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Fook Sang Tong (Wong Kee) Chinese Sinseh

Blk 17, Bedok South Road, #01-587

Singapore 460017.

Call for appointment (Tel: 88916737) is highly recommended.

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