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Qian Jin Brand

The word "Qian Jin" means "forward moving" in Chinese. Depicts by the ship moving forward on an ocean of resources, it signifies progression and improvement. Coupled by the dynamic wheel, it represents our continual commitment to improve the health of individuals with our wide range of herbal health products and supplements.

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Wide Range of Products

Staying at the forefront of changing consumer trends is of utmost important to us. We adhere to the principle of TCM theory, that is to draw on the healing properties of natural resources. We have products ranging from treatment of ailments to health supplements with halal certification, and also providing customers herbal supplements under their  own branding. Not only our products are available in leading Medicinal stores, they are also widely used by TCM clinics.
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Our Quality Assurance

With a team of QC personnel, dedicated staffs and management, we place great importance on the product quality and efficacy. World leading standards are adopted with products manufactured in our certified HACCP and GMP environment. And no product is released until our quality assurance department approves laboratory results, ensuring the strictest standards are delivered.

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Enduring Vision

Our team of qualified herbalists and physicians will continue to produce superior herbal products, backed by modern science, yet adhering closely to the principles of nature cure.
With strong loyalty from our customers locally and beyond Singapore, we are reaching out to even more. We are committed to deliver only the best and finest to you. Your health is as important to us as it is to you.

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